Grown-up Storytime502

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September 28, 2023
07:00 pm

Grown-Up Storytime502 takes its roots from a long-running, monthly storytelling event
originating in Houston, TX. Producer and host of Grown-up Storytime502, Abby Koenig, moved to Louisville in 2019 and was missing her old city’s signature event. Grown-Up Storytime Houston began a decade ago and has since become a sold-out monthly to-do. When Koenig was looking for something similar, she was naturally drawn to The Moth.

“The Moth is amazing and classic,” says Koenig, “but there are some people who just want to
share their story and do not have the courage to get on stage and read. This is where Grown-Up Storytime502 is different.” Rather than pulling names out of a hat and competing for the top prize, Grown-Up Storytime502 offers anyone the opportunity to submit a story ahead of time. Stories are then vetted and assigned to a rolling list of storytellers—actors, performance artists, or people who feel comfortable on stage sharing their unique perspective of the story. Without writers having to feel the pressure of reading in front of an audience (the number 2 biggest fear after dying according to Seinfeld), they can submit their sordid tales knowing they are in good hands.

What makes for a good grown-up story is a relatable passage of life, told from the first-person
perspective. Stories can be sad, funny, or off the wall, but they should be written so that anyone can read them, and they should clock in at less than 10 minutes read aloud.

Writers wishing to submit stories and those interested in reading can email

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