A little room where BIG things happen!

Event Space in Louisville

Located above Decade Restaurant in the vibrant Butchertown neighborhood of Louisville, KY, B-Side event space offers an exquisite setting for intimate private gatherings, film screenings, musical performances, theatrical shows, and much more. With a capacity of up to 104 guests, this versatile venue is perfect for those seeking an exclusive and cozy atmosphere for their special occasions. The space boasts a full bar, a well-equipped stage for performances, and even a private dining room for those seeking a more secluded experience. Whether you’re hosting a birthday celebration, wedding reception, corporate event, or a live music gig, B-Side is the ideal choice for an unforgettable experience in Louisville.

Venue Features

  • Total capacity: 104
  • Private Dining Room (350 sq-ft): Seating for up to 24 guests
  • Showroom (1100 sq-ft): Comfortably holds 80 people standing, or 75 seated
  • Full Bar
  • Stage with sound system and lights
  • Projector and screen in both rooms
  • Cozy atmosphere


Can I have live music?

Absolutely! We have a stage, premium sound system and lights/AV.  Music acts are responsible for their own ticketing and door. Sound person is included in the rental cost.

Can I use caterer?

Decade Restaurant offers catering for all events at B-Side. In addition, we have a list of other preferred catering options that our guests can use. If a caterer is desired outside our preferred list, please inquire with the events coordinator.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

No. Sorry.

Can I bring my kids?

For public events, the venue is 21+ so we cannot allow those who are under age. But for private events, guests under 21 are welcome.

What are the specifications of the PA?

QSC 10’s (pair)
QSC 10” stage monitor
QSC 212C Sub
8 Channel Mackie Onyx Mixer (7 good inputs)*one input is no good
2 Shure Sm58’s
2 Sennheiser 609’s
4 Sennheiser 935’s
1 EV ND68 (kick or bass mic)
2 AKG P170 (small diaphragm condenser’s
8 ea mic stands w/ booms
2 ea instrument mic stands (short)

Other mics/gear available if requested.

Epson H851A LCD Projector – 1080p 2500 lumens